Happy Ramadhan and Happy Independence Day...
52 years independence of Malay Peninsula , 46 years formation of Malaysia...

I want to contribute a wallpaper at kelabram.com for the celebration of Independence Day or also known as National Day of Malaysia. A novel by Ramlee Awang Murshid that can boost my spirit of fighting and patriotism is his outstanding piece of work :-
A.D.A.M - Aku Darah Anak Malaysia. ( Bahasa Malaysia version )
PERSONAL JUSTICE (English Version)

In your opinion..Who is the actor and actress ( Malaysian ) that suit to play a role / character from this novel if ADAM make it to big screen?
Just my opinion...
Hilman - Mustapha Kamal
Mia Sara - Siti Saleha
Jeslina - Lisa Surihani

what's yours?

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