Get A Better Butt !

" If a woman feels confident about having great butt, she's not too shy to show it off"

shake that ass baby ~! move your thing? get low?...hahaha... terms that 'they' use to refer the women / girls golden asset. Man ? are we looking for a better shape butt too? nowadays , why not!... hahaha

Maximising your ASSets!

Butt-shaping? how? work it up! You can't have a 'yummy' shapely backside if you just sit and sleep and eat and shake it... you need to exercise , do some aerobic or yoga, then followed by these 6 steps recommended by fitness experts:

1. Squats
Stand with feet parallel and shoulder-width apart. Slowly lower your hips, making sure not to let your knees go past your toes. A great variation for beginner, is ball squats; Standing with your back to a wall, put an exercise ball between your low back and the wall, then squat, keeping your feet out in front on you.

2. Standing Lunges
Beginning with your feet parallel and hip-distance apart, take on giant step forward. Slowly lower your body, bending both knees. Bend your knees no farther than 90 degrees, keeping your front knee aligned over your front ankle. Then repeat with the other leg in front. A more advanced version is stepping lunges, in which you move forward after each lunge, alternating legs. Be careful and do it right, or it can put undue stress on knee joints and low backs.

3. Prone Leg Lifts Over A Ball
lie stomach-down on an exercise ball, with hands on the floor. By tightening your glute muscles, lift one of your legs slightly off the floor, keeping leg straight. then alternate sides. As you get more fit, try lifting both legs simultaneously - but only if you can do it without straining your back.

4.Prone Hip Lift Over A Ball
Lying stomach-down over an exercise ball, rest your forearms on the floor and stabilise the ball under your hips and tops of your thighs. Using the arms and trunk muscles as support, bend your knees to 90 degrees, and put your feet together. Squeezing your glutes, slowly move your thighbones slightly away from the ball, being careful not to use the low back muscles. This is a very small move - you should rise your legs no more than about 2 inches off the ball.

5. Bridge
Lie on your back with knees bent, feet on the floor and hip-width apart. Slowly peel your spine off the floor from the bottom, one vertebra at a time, tightening the glutes and harmstrings (backs of the thighs) until you've created a diagonal line from your shoulders to your knees. Return to the floor slowly, one vertebra at a time.

6. Side Leg Raises
Lying on you side at the rear edge of a mat, place your feet at the front edge of your matt, then lift your upper leg and turn it out it in the hip socket. keeping your hips stacked and your torso as still as possible, lift and lwoer the leg, reaching out from the top of the thigh. Repeat on the other side.

wooah! can we actually ( boys and girls , men and women ) get those round, lifted and chiselled derrieres so may of us covet? look in the mirror and move your butt... you can if if you want it... start work on it...
eh.. why am i writing about this? i have a darn back pain lately, dunno why, but maybe because of my sexy ass...hahaha

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