Proboscis Monkey vs Budakhutan

wah... what a title there...hehehe
absolutely there is no fighting and harm involve...i'm fine...yaiks..

Yeah, enuff with the introductory… hahaha…. After we had a lunch at Sepilok, then we are heading to Labuk Bay

“Labuk Bay Proboscis Sanctuary offers another perfect proboscis monkeys observation spot for anyone who wants to have a closer look at these very special monkeys and do not have the time to travel too far away to watch them…if u want to see them in the wild not in the cage.

The sanctuary is located at the center of the mangrove forest along the coastal land near Samawang Village at Labuk Bay ,Sandakan ,Sabah , Malaysia. From the airport in Sandakan , it is 38 km away and takes about an hour to get there. Part of the trip will be through the graveled roads and jeep tracks of plantation estates.

For those who love to watch these unique primate not found else where in the world is a “must see”. It would definitely gives you one of the most exhilarating and memorable experience observing the Proboscis monkeys both young and adult leaping from tree to tree and eventually coming down to feed on young leaves and plants . the leaping act is superb, fast , steady , stylish and perfect “

Wah… borrow that skeptic words from their Templates… yaiks… by the way , maybe it is not our lucky day , we just can see about 3 to five of them ( uncle Sam – just called them with those name). Maybe we are late, it’s almost 0430pm when we arrive there. There is other monkey also ( not including us lah…aiya)

Till then...

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proboscis monkey, is a real playboy...1 tree = 1 harem, meaning up to 10-15nos of wife. did you manage to record any soundtrack of the proboscis, i try to imitate it once in Klias, no proboscis monkey seems to be intrested in me though..hahaha mission failed.

hehehe... our tour guide did mention about BAYAU 'unique' behaviour, hehehe u know what i mean... while i'm there i didn't hear their 'sweet' voice.maybe they r still can't forget u... hahaha

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