Yeah... I'd a trip (work trip + family trip) back in Chine New Year holiday season...erm, last week
I'd go to a different places... wah, although it is so n so make me exhausted , but it's cool n fun ..

I'm driving my Kelisa , and my friends , Awang n Hassli drove another car. It's a long trip to Sandakan. We r not in a rush and hurry... so we take our time n make a few breath taking moment... hahaha. It's 8am when we are just at the right time to see Mount Kinabalu with a good n most perfect view. We stop n take a few Picture... snap n Click... ahakz... the Morning breeze n d cold... it's so tempting... huhuhu

me n my fren...

Kundasang... vegetables anyone?

Other Places...

i'll make another post for each of this place... for now, just enjoy the photo...ahakz...
it's awesome! more photo to come...
Sepilok... me my fren n orangutan... hehehe

Labuk Bay Proboscis Monkey Sanctuary
Where is bayau?

Lembah Danum - Borneo Rainforest Lodge

Danum Valley Field Centre

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