MancHester UniTed vs BarcelOnA

wah... it's a great match although i'm a lil bit disappointed with MU defensive tactic and stick with counter attack. Barcelona played well , with their attacking method , MU looks so hopeless and i'm so worry ( i close my eyes.... because i'm so sleepy...hehehe). But hey , it's a live telecast at 2.30 in the morning (from where i lived, which is Malaysia). I'd been awake and doing my job and other stuff till 1 am, i want to wait for the match, but if i wait, then i'll be a Mashimaro and had to go to work on the next day with a panda eyes ... yaiks!
Paul Scholes score a very important goal! MU win the match. And which team will it be? Liverpool or Chelsea ? Will it be MU vs Chelsea in the final? ( yeah...i want a rematch!)... hehehe
i'll watch the 'fight' early morning tomorrow ( 2.30 am - AstroSport , channel 812), because 1st of May is Labour day , and it's holiday! can sleep and awake late! hahaha...

Glory Glory MU!

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