Angels Online ?

Are you looking for Angels ? Angels on the net? yaiks...

hehehe... i'm not going to tell a story about Angels and Shrek... Ahakz, this post is a request from my cousin (kaZar) to help him promoting this game so he can get the benefit ( some kind of point... i think so). But nevermind , let me write / type down his confession...

"Dear Friends, i'm now playing a cool new game called Angels Online. You should definitely come check it out.We can join in totem battels together , ride and walk different pets, collect materials and manufacture costumes, weapons and delicious food.In one word, it is a very "cool" game. Come join me in the colourful world of Eden and together we can create our own legend."

Angels Online ( AO ) is much a like Ragnarok Online (RO) but with a better and improved feature.

Look and try it for urself...

Entry / suggest by KAZAR... any related question? send your comment... or if you are already a player search for him ,he is the ultimate and supremo ... -balleto- in Sofiel server ... if u manage to find him... KILL and Destroy him! hehehe

( so how now Kazar... don't forget aaa my Pizza... Hawaiian Chicken... large one!)

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