Adsense Payment Through Western Union ?

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Many people wondering what is the other method to get their payment from adsense besides via cheque . If you want to receive it via cheque , that's okay ( considering time and charge...hmmm). But ,if you want it to be faster and safe , use WESTERN UNION as your payment method. Yup , you can receive your adsense payment in cash using the world wide Western Union Money transfer services.

For now , this service is FREE and Adsense does not charge us if we choose to receive payments by Western Union.( hopefully they will be forever). If you want to use Western Union as your payment method , let me guide it ( if you already knew it... correct me if i'm wrong :) ).

1-Sign in to your Adsense Account
2-Then go to My Account
3-and now you are on Account Settings, scroll down and look for payment details, pick edit.
4-"Choose Form of Payment" will show up, then choose 'Setup Western Union Quick Cash' and continue
5.-fill in your "Payee First Name / Given Name" and "Payee Last Name/Surname/Family Name" , the names you enter MUST MATCH the contents of your current payee name. Then , don't forget to choose / pick the" I agree that I have a government issued ID that matches the contact name above" statement , and after that proceed to Save Changes.
6- Finish.... and wait for your payment... hehehe( if you have any)

ahaks , easy right ? .

as for me i'd choose to hold my payment for a while. Why ? ermm... maybe this is why...

1. Your payment is in US currency , but you'll receive your payment in your country in your own currency.( let say for the time being the exchange rate is USD 1 = RM 3.1 , so why don't you wait when the exchange rate is high and more profitable... am i right?)
2. Maybe i just want it to grow to some amount ( but remember the maximum payment via Western Union currently is USD 2800.00)
3. I can't ask for payment because it's not over than hundred yet... hehehe

ok guys... till then...

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