Tamparuli : Two-Storey Wooden Shophouses Fire Blaze

Tamparuli : 09th December 2008 (Tuesday)

A 50 year old wooden shophouse razed early tuesday. The row is one of five remaining colonial-era shophouses which was built just after the war.

from you tube...credit to the uploader

i knew this news after i watched the news on TV3 . I'm texting (sms) my friend , Atee and asking her which shophouses that involve in the fire blaze. It's been a long time since the last time i've been in Tamparuli , so it's take me a while to remember which row of shophouses...hahaha.

On Sunday , 14th , around 840 am , with my camera , i went to Tamparuli. Just want to see it myself. Hmmm... absolutely raze and destroyed. I still remember the sundry shop, Tong Choon , if i'm not mistaken , it's a must place to go after school when i was still in primary school. Why? because the parking nearby is unofficial bus stop to Kampung Kapa...hehehe. 

You can see more photos on my PHOTOBLOG

Hopefully , everybody doing just fine ... 
to the victim....
and all of my friend and teacher ( SK PEKAN TAMPARULI / SUIS Tamparuli ... year 93 - 95 )
where is everybody?

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