Wave ? what wave ?

Wave? new world disaster ? oh...my! i bet some of you may already watched 2012. What is your opinion about that movie ? yup... for me... it's damn boring without a strong storyline and plot. But for the Special Effect and CGI... salute! ... and i salute Sasha...hahaha (his Russian accent is so n so adorable... hikhikhik)

The Next Facebook is Google Wave !

What is it ?
Google Wave is a tool for communicating in real-time. Think of it as instant messaging for the 21st century. But while instant messaging is largely limited to text , Wave conversations , imaginatively referred to as'waves' , let you insert media from a variety of sources , such as facebook status updates and twitter messages , or photos , videos and games. As Wave runs in your browser like webmail , you can access it from anywhere with an internet connection.

hahaha... that is new! not really available yet... but i'm looking forward to use it .

p/s : still

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