Cool, Strange & Interesting Facts. Not Free Sex

look at it... but don't assume of anything else...
it's not a dildo... you can't play with it

Cool,strange and interesting fact

1. The new Zealand kiwi bird cannot fly.

2. The nickname for a Japanese businessmen is “Salarymen”.

3. The Nike swoosh was invented by Caroline Davidson back in 1971. She received $35 for making the swoosh. The first shoe with the swoosh was introduced in 1972.

4. The number of births that occur in India each year is higher than the entire population of Australia.

5. The number one cause of blindness in adults in the United State is diabetes.

6. The number one cause of rabies in the United States are bats.

7. The ocean sunfish can produce thirty million eggs at once.

8. The odds of having quadruplets are 1 in 729,000.

9. The thing that hangs from the top of the beak of a turkey is called the snood.

10.The three best-know western names in China: Jesus Christ, Richard Nixon, and Elvis Pressley

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