Heroes in you !

Don't you ever wish to have a special power! to right wrong... to fight evil, to be rich and girls on the bed every night (aiks... wrong reason to have power..hahaha) ... Ok! i admit it, i'm Heroes fan. really love this TVseries. Volume 5 end Feb 8th, and there will be Volume 6-"A Brave New World".

Volume 5? So slow, with Samuel as the villain. He is not really a bad guy. Just a conflict within himself. Sylar is still the best villain, much more cruel and so powerful ! plus macho and cool! he turn to good side at last ..hahaha... hey! i'm not gay ... OKAY!

i want to have a beard like that !
Sylar is kewl!

In a preview of volume 6, Claire reveal everything! She jump off from a ferris wheel in front of a group of news reporters...what will happen in next volume? maybe some kind of mutant story, like x-men?... but when will Season five of Heroes come back? some said this September.. can't wait...

till then... lova ..n peace!

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