Watching TV?

Just woke up a few minutes ago ... bad headache ... argh! i slept in our living room on a darn cold floor... hahaha! back hurt + headache= awesome!

Don't you ever wish that you have a lot of TV channels ? I want to have all of the TV channels in the whole wide world... hahaha... why? because you can watch whatever you want. Travel, cooking , drama , sports , science , mystery , adultery (ops... not me , but some of us...~_^) and so on... So i search for the best DirectTV packages and found DirectSatTv.com... wow!

they are not in Malaysia...(sad!). What you can have from DIRECT TV ? they have over 130 HD Channel, and more than 285 channels. Besides , they offer a great discount and packages. NFL , MLB , Nascar, ESPN and so much more of sports programming, they are the champion! Movie? why not... DirectTV offer over 30 premium movie channels. What can i say... from their site, i can see all of the advantages they offering to their customer... what you see is what you get...

Price? they are affordable and you can pick and choose DIRECT TV PACKAGES that suit your budget or your need. Watching TV is not just for fun but you can learn something new from it everyday. I wish i have that opportunity, since we don't have it in my country... but why bother, maybe someday ~_^...

have A Great MondaY ... Watch your TV don't let your TV watch you.. ahaks

2 comments pada :“ Watching TV? ”

I like to watch good programmes...like cooking channel, adventure, travelling..etc.
I have astro channel but sometimes ain't have much time to watch all..

same with me sis ~_^
writing for a review ...hehehe

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