It's Been A While - Bloody Sunset at Polluted Beach

It's been a while, one month since my last update in this blog of mine. I admit it, my english is not so good, that's why i'm rarely write here...but that will never make me stop from writing or should i say stop from hitting my keyboard.

Life after people ? have you seen it on Discovery channel? what is your conclusion after watching all the episode? Earth is on the edge of armageddon when human is not around... hmmm.

They should make a series about "Earth with Reckless Peoples". A documentary on how fast will our lovely green world turns into a garbagesphere... when there is so many so called human- careless with the consequences of their bad habit living in our world... awesome!

I really hate it! damn hate to see our beach polluted by our own trash. Plastic bag, bottle, food can ... you name it! you can find it... it's an eye sore...

Supposed to be a beautiful sunset on the beach .. but it turns out as a bloody sunset at polluted beach.

Please educate ourselves, our child, friends and everybody... Love our EARTH, our only home... you can make a different!

p/s: maybe in the future, littering can caused us a death sentence... fire at will! even single rubbish you'll get a shot by a laser beam.... bzzzz! gotcha!

location? : Likas Bay ...

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Hi JungleBoy...
Last year I visited Mataking Island. I couldn't beleived my ears when I heard that once, the workers there collected almost 80tons during that month of August 2009. Thrash believed drifted ashore from Semporna and our neighbouring country Philipines.
Totally a shock! There's a team from the Island educating school children at Semporna not to dispose their wastage in the sea.
No joke..

HoneyBuzz~ hello Sis, 80 tons per month..alone, oh my... if this thing keep going on and on, then our tourism industry will 'bungkus' ...

Hopefully more campaign and awareness program will be held in the future...

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