July | Alpha ... are we?

Itss July, and for this year, July is a holy month for muslim all around the world.

Ramadhan, fasting month.

I'm here... and still here.

A lot of things happened recently. Life sometimes is like that.
When you are not at your "Alpha" momentos. Not in control, sway with all the problem , down on your knees, crying, and feels empty and long list of failure... so hard to swallow ain't?


Yup, i know, it's been a while that i decided to blog in english. I want to improve my english, I think my biggest problem is grammar.
And how to overcome it?

Read and talk more in english i would say...
And watch more english content drama, movies or song.

How about communicating with others in english? no first hand experience, but i do think of making You Tube videos in English.

But... yea, there is always 'BUT'...

How will the video survive? What will the people say?

"Bad english! pergh!" , "Can't understand you!", "Stop making videos!"

same old reason why i'm holding back from making video.

But.. not for so long. I'm coming back.  I don't really care any more about what people may think or say. I will just do it! like what Shia LaBeouf said... "JUST DO IT!" ..hahaha

Long entry ait!


Not less than a week, muslim will be celebrating EidulFitri aka Hari Raya Aidilfitri or Lebaran.

But i have a problem... it's a problem that related to budget. MONEY!

Living a life in Malaysia nowadays is hard, at least for me i guess.

Cost of living is so high.

People doing more than two or three job is normal.

What about their work-life balance? what about their family?

And there are people doing it not for their own satisfaction or need anymore, but to make their love one can have a better life. For their children, beloved son or daughter...

We have to rise. We have to do something. Failure is not the answer. Crying is not the key.

No one can change us! we are the alpha, we must take control of our live.

i can do it!

ehemm... so motivated !

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