SAVE our Sea... SAVE our RIVER

how worst it could be? are you dare to swim?

At the moment… I’m living near the beach n Petagas River .I’m very sad about the environmental issue here. Plastic bag and all kind of rubbish … are thrown away to the river.Why? Why? n why> How could US destroy our own 'HOME' .. in the end, we are the one who need water the most! What if there is no more clean water? clean river? clean beach? . Are we dare to swim in it? DamN! that is what will come out from our mouth when it happen...

dog: wondering, why are human so like that?

They are the ineffective waste water management system; the open drainage system for storm water and flood mitigation, which unexpectedly has become an 'open sewer' for partly-treated commercial and residential waste water; and the weak enforcement and duplication of power.(BERNAMA)

kuamut river : what a beautiful scenery

The way we use and manage rivers can cause great environmental damage that adversely affects the very resource that we depend on for our well-being and survival. Undeniably, most threats to rivers are the direct result of our own activities. (WWF)

There are few factors that caused this problem ,

1. People are not very well aware about their responsibility as a HUMAN.
2. People think what they did will not cause they any harm.
3. It’s not their JOB. ( what?! )
4. Who cares?
5. I’m getting tired to type more ( aiyah..) … it’s long list… fuh…

kuamut river : looks very perfect and clean...but....

there is a warning, the water is not safe to drink or swim...

Please., don’t throw rubbish as u like…
Once u rubbish the NATURE… THEY will RUBBISH u back !
Think twice !

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