Adopt A Tree

Orang Utan Appeal ( from WWF Malaysia)

Every one need a home. Not just us ' HUMAN' but every single life form on earth need it. Do we care about them? Due to illegal logging, and expansion of land for human to live , we demolish their habitat... what if we are they? Actually , we play a major role to make our EARTH is safe and share it with others... not just us HUMAN, but animal...

while i'm surfing the net, i'd read about a good program n activity that i can promote here. This is a program that conduct by WWF Malaysia to help tree's replanting in KINABATANGAN , Sabah. Here are some word from the promo:

"Seize the chance to symbolically “Adopt-a-Tree” and receive a special adoption pack comprising a limited edition mug, BOH tea pack and a Certificate of Adoption. Proceeds will help WWF-Malaysia’s tree replanting efforts in Sabah’s Kinabatangan area, home of our beloved orang-utans.

Also enjoy fun, educational activities with your family and friends at the BOH-WWF Tea for Trees event!

  • Panda mascot appearances
  • Sand art, balloon sculpting and giveaways
  • Colouring contests
  • Hot FM Viva Zoomerz
  • Fly FM Trooperz
  • Exhibition on WWF projects

and lots more!" (credits : WWF Malaysia)

this program will be held at The Curve , Damansara Perdana on 22 & 23 March 08. Sadly , i can't go, but i'll support whatever GreeN Message that need to be spread...


2 comments pada :“ Adopt A Tree ”

hi, you! :)

You wanna help save a tree AND have fun doing it?? Go to answer4earth.com
Best, I tell you.. Basically, it tests your general knowledge and with every right answer, you're on your way to save more and more trees. Do check it out and help spread the word..

Thanks! :) Take care, you!

Wah, shemah thanx fo the tips, i'll do the test... Yeah, spread the word! SAVE RAINFOREST SAVE THE WORLD !

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