Yes ! At LAst !

yeeeeaH! after a few hours of digging and askin support from internet webhosting, then...i can log in to my budakhutan dot com page... WHAT is the problem? my DNS setting or should i say , CELCOM broadband dns dynamic setting ... i'm not an expert with domain/hosting ... so at the beginning i'm so D@mn 'blank'!...and juts a few minutes ago i try to connect to my DIGI edge connection.. Walllaaa! evrything is okay... then at the same time, i received an email from internet webhosting support, telling me to refer for a open DNS no...i try it...and... YES! i'm able to log in to budakhutan dot com again.. but the problem is... i don't know if the others ( blogger / reader ) can access / see my blog... poor me... PLEASE help me... tell me if u can / can't enter www.budakhutan.com...

here is the step to change your DNS setting to openDNS setting
link : https://www.opendns.com/smb/start/device/windows-xp

have a great Day !

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