what a Long Holiday...hehehe. it's a great and awesome week ( last week). Syawal is a month for family gathering. Can't wait for 'Raya Haji'. 
BUT , when i come back from kampung , i'd try o log in to my page www.budakhutan.com , i'd a problem to log in . "DNS error-Cannot find server"... aiya! just me or what.
So now i'm trying and trying to solve the matter.

maybe i'm the only one can't log in... help me guys , if u can go to that page and everything is okay, tell me ...then i will know the problem is on my side... but if you can't enter the page also... then i must do something...ades!


2 comments pada :“ WWW.BUDAKHUTAN.COM ”

:P ya baa.. no wonder laa sa try to get tru kan mcm tia dpt.. mo leave comments in here but mana tau ko tia guna cini kan..? lol hehe.. how u doing..? hows ur holiday..? :D

ahaks... wah, the first la si beck ni. heheh..sia salu juga pi sini bah... ahaks...tu la bah tu, mo kasi update sia punya holiday sana budakhutan tapi tia dapat masuk plak...
sia bagus bagus saja ni... hehehe
konsikou gia!

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