Are We Too Late To Save Mother Earth?

Do you really think so? Well, I supposed so. Most people do think so. Well, I'm not a figure counting person. So all my info were just pop out from my mind and ideas. No hard feelings guys..

There were so many campaigns to encourage people to save earth. But I guess some people still have no awareness about things happened around them. Especially when we still heard news on toxic waste dumping, littering here and there, ozone is getting thinner and the most hot news would be global warming.

Why do all these things still happened? Well I think its because people need to move forward. The need of new things and sofisticated things. There more people need these things, there more endangered our mother earth will be.

How you asked me?

Well before you asked me, why don't you asked yourself how was your actions can lead to earth destructions. Asked yourself a lot of things about our mother earth.

Such as how often can you see the star twinkling in the sky, clouds wandering, and trees growing healthy and strong?

Well, I think my first post were too long. Don't you think so?

My advise here..

There is still hope for us to care for our mother earth. Its still not too late.

Thank you for your time..

Hope to see you all soon.

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