Fly Like A Bird

how is everybody? yup ,typical monday.. blues n still dreamin'..

kinda bother me lately, workin with a fix hour..8 to 5.. i love to work, don't get me wrong..
i'm really2 love 2 work n keep myself busy, day n nite, 24/7.. And i really don't care bout time..

What bother me the most ? People with bad attitude..so proud n arrogant with their level n post, treat others badly.. So on n on..yeah.. please walk the talk.. don't just talk n talk ( don't want to complain so much ..or i'll become one of them..the 'others'..jeng jeng jeng... hahaha... kinda scary movie)

I'm not an angel .. I do have a bad side..
don't mess with me...or i'll mess...age you... ahaks...message you... (not massage aaa)

Wah, am i complaining 2 much? Hehehe...

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Cool down..relax! people are people..can't pleased everybody...Jeng jeng jeng too...

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