Burn it ! or else...

Am i getting fat and fatter each and every time after i eat ? Should i just skip lunch and dinner ? and just drink 8 glass of water everyday with just a Gardenia bread to fill my stomach ... can i do that ? or should i keep on fasting after Ramadhan... hahaha

I think my belly is getting bigger like a big balloon and someone is blowing it ! i need to burn my fat . Is there any tips of burning your fat fast enough , like losing a 10kg or 22 lbs (pound) in just a week ? Maybe i should join the reality show , "The Biggest Loser". They have all day and all equipment with a damn good trainers .

by the way , i'm not obese . It's just i'm not satisfy with my body shape right now. Maybe i'm not living a healthy life . Sitting almost half of my day , okay , lets calculate it... morning , driving to workplace ( 45minutes ) , working (9 hours) , driving back home (45 minutes) , in front of my pc (5hours) .... 15hours and 30 minutes plus plus...oh my! no wonder my 'back' ..hahaha... buttock is getting 'sexier' day by day...

A good diet , regular exercise and using right strategies for managing stress are the main tips to live a healthy life . My birthday is on this 25th , and my resolution is to lose some weight and be a new me ! refreshing...!

Oh yups , don't skip your meal ! "The food you eat is the source of the energy you need to fuel the activity of every cell in your body . It also provides the nutrients required for physical growth and repair and enables the body to produce the varietyof substances , such as hormones , enzymes and neutrotransmitters , that are essential for normal body functioning. Eat well , be well ! " - get this from a book - Curing Everyday Ailments - The Natural way

have A Great Day !

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