Write to Wrote ? is it Written ?

Hang in there !
(did anyone notice my 'cute' belly?... i'll get rid of it..hahaha)

Aloha ! yeah....it feels great to be able to write in my blogs again(yup...blogs , i've other blogs)...
What's new ? how is life going ?... woah.. so far so good. Re-Connect with my old friends ( primary and secondary schools ) makes me happy. After a few years ( some are as long as 14 years ) without seeing and knowing their 'news'... it feels so ...so good !

Some of them are already married and have a child ... especially girls. Boys ? still working hard to earn big bucks , working day and night in order to start a family of their own... MONEY is the crucial thing nowadays...

Christmas and New Year is around the corner and you can smell it smoking.... Yet , i'm still checking my 'to do list' for 2009... pergh! almost 50% is not done yet ! What have i done this whole year ? Nothing ? damn!... or did i list up so much things (maybe... hehehe... this is not a cover up aaa)... i blame procrastination and feeble-will... need to focus more and build up my momentum and will to the high level again... (not 'high' aaa...)... So.. when to start? ahaks, why wait for a new years to start your 'engine' when you can shift your gear starting today?!

wah! full of spirit !..hehehe... i'm still sleepy , working late last night (OT)... still need to catch up other things, i'll be back and write more and more after this (in order to improve my english...i think it's still not okay..so just let me know)

have a great Weekend ! Happy Holiday !

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