~Don"T LooK bacK in Anger~

Aloha ! and happy New Year to all humankind and my lovely eartH !

i'd received a list of SmS Quotes for this New Year from my friends... and i love all of it ! thank you everybody :). i want to share one of it here :-

~Expiry Date: 31st Dec 09 for all things listed below:
SadNeSS, Cries, SorroW, JealousY, hatE, VengeaNce, Angry, Fear, HungeR and UpsEt..
~Manufacturing Date: 1st JaN 10 for all things listed below :
SmiLes, LaughTers, HappineSS, Success, Friendships and LoVE...

simple but the message is there :) love it !

Don'T Look back In Anger - it's a New day Everyday ... past is past...

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